Zonk | Descaler and De-Ruster

Zonk is a powerful blend of acids, incorporating a pleasant apple perfume, which quickly shifts  heavy scale, rust and stains on a whole range of surfaces. As a de-scaler, Zonk can be used on drainage systems, air conditioning units, autoclaves and sterilisers. As a cleaner, it can be used in baths, sinks, toilets and showers to quickly remove scale and uric acid deposits that block drains and cause bad smells. Zonk will also remove stains, dirt and grease from concrete floors – ideal as a treatment prior to sealing. On buildings it will remove mortar, efflorescence and rust stains from brickwork and it can be used to remove algae, scum and soiling from the sides of swimming pools. People will definitely notice the improvement in the environment! Sanitary fittings can be de-scaled without the risk of damage to chrome surfaces. Zonk can also be diluted up to ten parts with water to make it a highly cost effective way of removing lime scale and stains.

Key Points & Benefits
     • Highly concentrated for fast action
     • Can be diluted up to 10:1 with water
     • Removes lime scale
     • Removes stains
     • Removes rust from metal