A high performance multi-purpose waterproof membrane coating for exterior and interior use.

Reflexicoat Super forms a strong and decorative waterproof membrane which can be painted on to almost any surface. It not only restores the appearance and function of most surfaces but extends their useful life, adding superior weather resistance and UV protection whilst preventing cracking, weathering and oxidation.

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Product Description

How does Reflexicoat Super work?


Reflexicoat Super is an advanced kind of water-based elastomeric membrane that is highly microporous, keeping water and moisture out whilst allowing trapped water and moisture to escape from the substrate.

It can be applied with a brush, roller or sprayer. It cures to a highly elastic barrier which moves with the substrate after only three hours, which resists cracking and deterioration. It is even breathable to allow the substrate to dry naturally.
Key Features and Benefits of Reflexicoat Super?
Excellent adhesion to nearly any construction substrate, interior or exterior
Breathable yet watertight, for superior performance
Stays flexible and elastic even at low temperatures
Economical for small or large jobs
Coats thickly

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