TS72 is an indispensable product that can repair floors, walls and even bond steel.


Once cured TS72 is 10 times the strength of concrete and can be poured or troweled onto surfaces as required. TS72 is suitable for use on almost anything that requires a high-quality repair solution due to its ability to bond with any substrate and its taint-free formulation. Use TS72 on floors, bund walls, stair nosing’s almost anywhere that requires a strong but attractive finish. TS72 comes in a range of colours.

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Product Description

How does TS72 work?

TS72 comes as a two-pack epoxy formulation which makes it both extremely easy to use as well as being incredibly tough.

Key Features and Benefits of TS72?
10 times the strength of concrete.
Two-pack epoxy makes it simple and economical to use.
Multi-purpose product – use on floors, walls, joints, TS72 will bond with all substrates.
Resistant to chemicals.
Long shelf life.
Can be used as a non-slip surface where required.
TS72 can be feather edged
Easy to clean and suitable for food preparation areas.
Pour or trowel onto surfaces as required.
Available in a range of colours.



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