Do your employees work in wet environments? If so, you need to read this blog today.

If your employees work in water or wet environments they will need extra protection from a range of health dangers.

You will know that as an employer you have a duty of care and need to take sensible steps to ensure that your team are protected.
One of the key dangers of a wet environment is Weils disease or leptospirosis.
This blog takes a look at what causes this disease and how you can take simple steps to protect against it.

What is leptospirosis?
Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection and it is spread by animals (commonly rats). The bacteria that causes it is called Leptospira.
In some cases Leptospirosis can develop into a more severe form, commonly called, Weils disease.
Leptospirosis symptoms can develop from between 2 to 30 days after exposure to the Leptospira bacteria and can include high temperatures, sudden headaches, nausea and vomiting, muscle pain and more.
Symptoms for the more serious Weils disease can include chest pain, jaundice, coughing up of blood and, if left untreated, kidney failure. In some cases Weils disease can cause death.

How do you come into contact with leptospirosis?
Rats! Rats are a major carrier of the Leptospira bacteria and contact with their environment, especially where they have left urine is a danger.
If a rat has urinated onto a surface the bacteria can remain present for weeks, even months, so you may not see a rat but if it has been there it may have left a nasty surprise!

Prevention is always better than the cure.
It is always best to take sensible steps to protect yourself and your employees. Putting into place solid health and safety controls will keep your team safe and give you peace of mind that you are upholding your duty of care as an employer.
If your staff are exposed to water, wet environments or areas where rats may be or have been present then take steps now to ensure they can protect themselves against Leptospira bacteria.

IMG can help!
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All your team need to do is thoroughly cleanse hands/skin/hard surfaces and allow skin/hard surfaces to dry completely.
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