Fantastic new customer feedback for Up Mark it Outline and Micro Guard

Here’s some amazing new feedback from some of our happy customers…

Up-Mark-It Outline

Our client, a Master Green Keeper at a Golf Club, says…

“I was apprehensive about the sales pitch that this paint will last three times as long as its competition, so I purchased a trial box and tested it against out previous supplier. What I found was that the IMG paint did last three times as long. It stays brighter for a lot longer and looks crisp. It means reduced time we spend painting Ground Under Repair lines on the golf course, resulting in less paint to purchase. Great product.”

And here is a photo of the test they did showing Up-Mark-It Outline outperforming their previous line marker!









Find out more about Up-Mark-It Outline, the line marking product that lasts three times longer than other line marking paints, HERE


Micro Guard

This is what Site Engineering Manager at Valspar powder coatings (Sherwin-Williams) had to say about Micro Guard

“Paint looks good once applied, Excellent quality as well. We will probably be placing some more orders this month for paint to finish the site off”

Here are some photos showing the paint in use:

Find out more about Micro Guard, the high performance multi-purpose waterproof membrane coating for exterior and interior use, HERE


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