IMG’s Guide to Maintenance Essentials – Maintenance Superheroes

Before the bad weather hits it’s a great time to think about a good old clear out and organise your maintenance essentials!

Now is a great time to check that your maintenance supplies include high quality essentials which are guaranteed to save your bacon in an emergency.
The IMG team of maintenance superheroes are here to help! Here are our top picks for what you should easily be able to lay your hands on year round.

Drain clearer

Rhubarb Reodouriser

Keep the workplace smelling lovely with Rhubarb Reodouriser

There may be no greater maintenance lifesaver than a drain clearer that really works. Toilets, sinks, processing areas are all going to need any emergency unblocking at some point.

Keep Diamond Black in stock and you’ll be able to deal with any blockage.  It is so effective it can save you from calling out expensive rodding/jetting services!

You’ll be very popular in the workplace if you can also eliminate bad smells after a blocked drain so keep a reodouriser like Rhubarb Reodouriser to hand!

Spill control

Spills of any type in the workplace can be dangerous so they need clearing quickly and effectively.
The spill control product you keep in stock will of course depend on the areas that you are responsible for but at IMG we have all instances covered.

If you are managing a general office, retail or residential environment then keep to hand: Grab Bag Universal

If you manage industrial premises with oil, solvents, hydrocarbons or large quantities or water at danger of spilling you will need something that can do some heavy lifting for you: Spill Station

General repair: Bonding and greases


Bond literally anything with Powerfix

Keeping to hand a range of reliable repair products will keep the workplace running smoothly.
Here are our suggestions for what should be in the storeroom.

Bonding and glues

Bond literally anything with: Power Fix

Wet or dry surfaces? It doesn’t matter to: Insta-Bond

Solvent free but super powerful: Simple Stik

Greases & Lubricants

InS H1 Registered, safe for incidental food contact and amazingly effective:  Machine Lube

Incredibly versatile, it will even make surfaces look good!: Liquid Silk

All-purpose cleaner


This maintenance essential should be in everyone’s storeroom

Keeping a bottle of concentrated non-toxic, multi purpose cleaner will allow you to keep workplaces safe, hygienic and will help you in a multitude of situations.  Everyone needs an all purpose cleaner in the cupboard or storeroom.
Citronite can be applied in a range of methods, can be diluted 10:1 and is non-toxic.

De-icer and a shovel

In colder climes like the UK, ice and snow can surprise us and it can really put a halt on productivity if workplaces become dangerous or even inaccessible.
A great de-icer like Pocket Sunshine Industrial and a sturdy snow shovel will deal with slippery conditions in no time.

Every workplace is different, and our friendly, knowledgeable team are here to guide you to the right products for the every job, including maintenance essentials.

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