Prevent a leaking roof or solve emergency leaks with IMG

Roofs, Nothing lasts forever

Summer is the perfect time to plan preventative maintenance for your flat roof or get any leaks fixed.

Nothing lasts forever, and roofs are no exception. Even if you keep them well maintained you can still end up with leaks.
With any roof, no matter what type, if you’ve got roof leaks, then you’ve got a problem.

The main causes of roof leaks
Wind, rain, hail, snow, ice, and debris … all of these and more can lead to moisture getting under the layers of a roof and causing everything from leaks to mould and rot.
Whether you have inherited the responsibility of a poorly maintained roof or extreme weather has caused issues you need to deal with it swiftly.

Flat roofs
Flat roofs are notoriously prone to leaks. Bad weather such as persistent heavy rain or snow can cause standing moisture/water that doesn’t drain away quickly. Other causes include bad workmanship, poorly designed roofs with inadequate drainage outlets, pooling as the timbers sag, lack of maintenance leading to sun blistering and eventual splitting.
While sloped roofs direct water away swiftly, flat roofs don’t. The up side to this is that flat roofs can be maintained and repaired by you or your maintenance team with the right products while a pitched roof often requires specialised professional help.

Every situation is different, so here are some of IMG’s specialist roofing repair products for you to consider.

Do you have a roof leak emergency?


The Lava Flow granules flow freely in water to find and fix leaks on flat roofs. The granules slowly expand up to 15 times, blocking the flow of water into cracked and damaged roof surfaces.
Find out more about: Lava-Flow

Seal-A-Magic is a blend of bitumen and reinforcing fibres which seals leaks immediately upon application, even if the roof is wet or even under standing water. Can be applied by trowel or brush.
Find out more about: Seal-A-Magic

Storm Seal
Storm Seal is an aerosol applied, high build, foaming bitumen solution, which produces a thick, instantly waterproof seal.
Keep these products to hand in your maintenance stores and you will be able to deal with an emergency flat roof leak instantly.
Find out more about: Storm Seal

IMPORTANT PLANNED PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE (for flat and pitched roofs, Brush/Roller application)

Supercover is a robust single coat weatherproof coating consisting of bitumen and solvents. The product is surface dry in 24 to 36 hours,final cure can take 7 to 14 days.
Find out more about: Supercover

Reflexicoat Super
Reflexicoat Super is a strong, decorative, acrylic, waterproof membrane, suitable for most surfaces. It cures to a highly elastic barrier which moves with the substrate after only 3 hours and can be overcoated in 8 hours. It stays flexible and elastic and provides UV protection.
Find out more about: Reflexicoat Super

Superflex Smooth
Superflex Smooth is a high performance acrylic polymer that provides a watertight, flexible barrier over any kind of roof. Available in 3 colours. Touch dry after approx. 4 hours; will accept overcoat after 16 hours. Can withstand foot traffic after 24 hours.
Find out more about: Superflex Smooth

Superflex High Build
Superflex High Build is a fibre reinforced, acrylic polymer, that provides a flexible waterproof barrier which can be applied to wet or dry surfaces. Will repair leaks, cracks and holes, lasts up to 10 years and is available in black or white. The product is touch dry approx.. 4 hours after application and can withstand foot traffic after 24 hours.
Find out more about: Superflex High Build

n.b. Please note, the difference in curing times between acrylic and bitumen products.

So make the most of any fine summer weather and get your roof in order!

If you are interested in any of the above products and would like more information, such as a tech sheet and/or a safety data sheet, ring 0800 707 6434


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