Blast Off

Blast Off

Electrical systems suffer from deposits of atmospheric dust and particles which can cause poor ventilation, overheating and reduction in contact surface areas.

Blast Off, removes all loose particles, reaches inaccessible areas and does not introduce contaminants, which can happen if air-lines are used

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Why is Blast Off so effective?
The compressed air in Blast Off contains Tetrafluoropropene which has many attractive properties for a safe, effective, inexpensive and convenient duster.
Tetrafluoropropene is not flammable.
Blast Off is generally non-reactive with most substances, so it is safe to use with delicate electronics and anything else that may need residue removing. Blast Off is packed with a high degree of purity, meaning that there is nothing mixed in that can cause problems.
Blast Off is very dry and clean, leaving no noticeable residue of any sort on your equipment.


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