Killing insects based on an insecticide produced by chrysanthemums – naturally

What is Bug Kill?
Bug Kill is the newest and most effective form of insect spray. It is a blend of very effective insecticides. The main active ingredient is Permethrin, which is a synthetic chemical very similar to the natural insecticide reduced by the Chrysanthemum. Bug Kill is packed in 750 ml aerosols, just right for tackling even large areas.

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How does Bug Kill work?
Simply spray Bug Kill into each of the four corners of the room or in enclosed spaces, such as bins. Just spray inside the bin/room and close the lid or door. Firstly the Pyrethroids work by quickly paralysing the nervous system of the insect/bug on contact. The insecticide then quickly kills the insects, insect eggs, larvae, nymph, maggots or pupae. Lastly by leaving a residue in areas of infestation Bug Kill will continue to work.


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