Concentrated Bleach Tablets

Concentrated Bleach Tablets

If you need to whiten, disinfect, use or store bleach … put 4000 litres on the shelf

Concentrated Bleach Tablets are really just the bleach with the water taken out. Concentrated to the extent that 1 tablet will make 5 litres of bleach at 200 parts per million. Because the tablet is so small, the size of a jacket button, it makes storage safer and easier. 4000 litres of bleach can be stored in a smaller box than one you would buy shoes in. That would fill 40 bath tubs.

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How do Concentrated Bleach Tablets work?

So simple, just drop a tablet into 5 litres of water and wait to dissolve. Stir and use

Key features and benefits of Concentrated Bleach Tablets

Saves time
Saves money
Saves storage space
Improves safety
Improves the working environment



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