Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear is a new formulation which revolutionises glass cleaning.

Once applied Crystal Clear instantly dissolves grease, dirt, oil and fingerprints from surfaces and a simple wipe removes contaminants leaving a sparkling streak free finish.

Even areas of ‘over spray’ and those not wiped down will dry to leave a residue free surface.

Crystal Clear’s unbeatable effectiveness saves both time and money and leaving results that will amaze.

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The patent pending formulation is applied via aerosol spray and can work at any angle, even upside down.
Once Crystal Clear is sprayed onto surface it immediately goes to work, dissolving grime, insect matter and grease, which is then simply wiped away to reveal an incredibly clear finish.

Crystal Clear is so effective it even dissolves contaminants on areas of over-spray that are not wiped down after application.

Revolution in streak free cleaning saving time and money.

Unique ‘patent pending’ formulation.

Windows and mirrors are left sparkling clean.

Dissolves contaminants such as dirt, grease and insect matter.

Use on any surface not harmed by water including; PC and Laptop screens, TV screens, Windscreens, Chrome, Enamel, Fine lenses, Vinyl upholstery and Photocopiers.

No residue or smears.

Even areas of ‘over spray’ are left spotless.

Aerosol delivery system means spray works at any angle, even upside down.

Ideal for commercial, domestic and institutional use.

Effective in all ambient temperatures.

Will clean laminates and other hard surfaces.

Directions for use

Shake can thoroughly before and during use.

Spray a mist onto the cleaning surface from about 12 inches.

Wipe the surface with a clean lint free cloth or paper towel.

Polish with a second dry cloth or towel.

For the inside of windscreens or heavier stubborn matter, a second application may be required.


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