Electro Clean

Electro Clean

Miracle cleaning and maintenance fluid for electrical systems.

When contaminants build up in electrical equipment it can seriously impede their efficiency and could ultimately cause irreparable electrical failure and fire.

Electro Clean solves the issue of grime and dirt build up that can cause electrical problems or loss of efficiency.

Electro Clean’s innovative formulation removes a range of electrical equipment pollutants such as grease, oil, carbon and more.

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Electro Clean’s solvent based fluid formulation loosens and flushes away contaminants leaving target areas free of harmful residues. Electro Clean provides both protection and effective maintenance to essential electrical systems without staining to surrounding areas, damage to plastics, coatings or insulation materials.

Effectively loosens and removes contaminants from electrical equipment.
Prevents expensive equipment failure or loss of performance.

Removes a range of problematic pollutants such as grease, oil, dust, carbon and more.

Pollutants are flushed away safely.

Safe to use around most plastics.

No staining to surrounding areas.

Does not damage plastic housing, electrical system coatings or insulation materials.

Highly economical.

Directions for use

Switch off the electricity.

Do not spray onto live apparatus.

Spray electronic circuitry or electrical equipment, allowing the residues and build ups to drip away into a suitable area.

Use a compressed air to agitate if necessary.

For stubborn deposits reapply if necessary.

Ensure that Electro Clean is purged from the cleaned equipment before switching on.


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