A lemon scented strong caustic granule that will clear drains of grease, oils, fat and hair instantly.

Exocet helps clear grease, oil, fat, soap and hair from blocked or slow running drains using a unique thermo-reactive granule formulation. Exocet eliminates the need for caustic liquids and dangerous acid solutions. The granular formulation prevents hazardous splashing, and it’s fresh lemon fragrance leaves the area smelling clean and hygienic. Exocet’s fresh lemon fragrance leaves the area smelling clean and hygienic.

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How does Exocet work?
Exocets thermos-reactive granules are activated only when they come into contact with water. The formulation produces heat which dissolves organic matter. You can accelerate this process by adding tepid water after you have introduced the granules, if required. The granules create a “heavier than water” solution which enables Exocet to sink to the problem areas to relieve the blockage or slow running drain quickly and effectively.

Key Features and Benefits of Exocet
Quickly dissolves organic matter such as fat, grease and hair which can block sinks, drains and water waste pipes.
Exocet is safer than using harmful acids.
Easy-flow granule formulation prevents dangerous splashing.
Ideal for use in domestic, institutional and commercial premises.
Leaves behind a fresh lemon fragrance.
Prevents serious build-up which can result in expensive drain rodding or jetting services.
Prevents slow running drains which are a health hazard and a major cause of bad odours.



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