Fire-proof, multi-application product for sealing holes, cracks and gaps.

Fireblock is a highly versatile, rigorously tested material, compatible with all building products. Fireblock conforms to the following British Standards:
B.S. 476 Part 4 1970
BS 476 Part 8 1972 Indicative 6 hours.

Fireblock can be applied in a range of methods including, trowelled, gunned or poured depending on your requirements.

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How does FireBlock Work?
When mixed with water Fireblock reacts to form a solid tight-knit matrix. During the curing process Fireblock expands by 1% ensuring total adhesion with surrounding substrates. Once fully cured, Fireblock becomes impervious to water, gas, toxic fumes and FIRE.

Key Features and Benefits of Fireblock?
Permanent ‘Fireblock’ in one hour.
Fire tested to rigorous standards.
Drill it, saw it, cut it – Fireblock can also be easily removed.
No slump.
Can be applied in a variety of methods depending on requirements.
Unaffected by humidity.
Fireblock will not affect cable insulation or corrode metal pipes.
Reduces heat loss and increases energy efficiency.
Protects buildings and saves lives.
Hardwearing, superior performance.
Resists oil, petrol and detergents as well as dilute acids and alkalis.



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