FSG 220

FSG 220

InS H1 certified, high temperature and pressure lubricant for incidental food contact.

FSG 220 is a premium quality, synthetic, food grade, polymer enhanced, extreme pressure, complex grease. The complex thickening system gives this product excellent performance across a wide temperature range and excellent adhesion and cohesion properties.
FSG 220 has extreme pressure, anti-wear, anti-corrosion and oxidation inhibiting additives to enhance performance. PTFE provides a high degree of load carrying performance and the lube is insoluble in water, resisting water washout.

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Where can FSG 220 be used?
FSG 220 is recommended for the lubrication of plain and rolling element bearings, gears, couplings and other applications which require grease lubrication found in food and beverage plants where incidental food contact may occur. E.g. bakeries, dairies, breweries, bottling plants, canneries, animal feed plants, food packaging manufacturing plants and a wide range of other food related areas.

FSG 220 could also be used in the pharmaceutical industry where product could come into contact with pills etc. that are designed to be ingested.
FSG 220 has exceptional water resistance, enabling it to perform particularly well in applications where frequent washing with water or steam causes problems when an inferior grease is used.
FSG 220’s purity also enables it to find use in other areas, where a white, odourless, non-toxic lubricant is required, such as the textile industry.

Key features
High temperature performance of -20oC to 220oC
InS H1 Certified
Reduces friction and wear


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