Unique barrier cream providing protection against greases, oils, dust, powders and grime.

Gloves is a unique barrier cream which protects against a range of hazards and industrial/commercial contaminants. Gloves can be used all over the body to ensure that anyone working with greases, oils, dust and powders can be assured that they are protected.
Gloves is highly economical, only a small amount is needed for protection, a squeeze the size of a garden pea will be enough for both hands.
Once dried Gloves will not even be noticed on the skin and will not leave hands greasy, so there is no danger of losing grip on tools or ladders.


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How does Gloves work?
Gloves is a pH neutral barrier cream which acts as a sacrificial coating which protects the skin. When you wash Gloves off, the contaminants are simply washed off with the product. Gloves is non-perfumed and formulated to ensure that there’s no irritation to the skin on application.

Key features and benefits of Gloves.
Protects against greases, oils, harmful dust and other contaminants.
Highly economical, a little goes a long way.
The formulation is non-greasy to ensure safety in the workplace.
Non-perfumed and pH neutral formulation won’t irritate skin.
The sacrificial coating is easily washed off the skin, quickly cleaning the hands even in cold water.
Comes in an easy to carry bottle that will fit easily into a tool bag or work box or can be left on the side of a sink.
Gloves, pump action bottle head dispenses just enough to provide protection for both hands.
Essential to have when washing facilities are limited.
How to get the best results By depressing the pump action head enough Gloves will be dispensed to protect a pair of hands.
For application remove watches and rings to ensure that the cream covers areas where contamination can build up unseen on unprotected skin.
Rub into the skin paying attention to ensure that the cream is worked between the fingers and around the finger nails.
Gloves will last for a full shift if the hands remain unwashed.
Once the hands are washed the sacrificial coating is removed completely taking all dirt with it.
To continue protection reapply every time the hands are washed.


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