Liquid Silk Silicone Spray

Liquid Silk Silicone Spray

A high quality lubricant, release agent protective film and polish

Liquid Silk Silicone Spray is a high performance silicone with powerful additives which will quickly shine surfaces and provide fantastic lubrication if needed.

Liquid Silk is an amazing, multipurpose spray that can stop squeaking hinges, polish leather and provide a non-stick, water repellent surface for a range of household, industrial and commercial purposes. Use Liquid Silk as a lubricant to prevent sticking hinges, locks, bolts and rubber parts.

Use Liquid Silk on leather, wood, rubber and plastic to bring a stunning professional finish to cleaning. Use Liquid Silk as a protective shield for easy removal of food, paint, adhesives and more.

Use Liquid Silk as a water repellent protective film for light bulb sockets and battery terminals. A range of varied uses makes Liquid Silk indispensable

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Key Features and Benefits of Liquid Silk Silicone Spray?

Liquid Silk is a colourless, odourless product formulated to withstand temperatures up to 300c. As a release agent and lubricant it helps sticking hinges and machinery parts. Water repellent properties for many surfaces means it can be used to prevent corrosion on light bulb sockets and battery terminals. As a protective non-stick surface it ensures easy removal of food, paints, adhesives and inks. Use on leather, wood, rubber and plastic to bring a high shine finish to cleaning tasks.
Always ensure that precautionary measures found in the MSDS sheet for Liquid Silk are read and followed before use.

Use as a lubricant, polish, water repellent and protector – Liquid Silk is ideal for a multitude of tasks.
Colourless and odourless – Liquid Silk won’t stain.
High temperature resistance of up to 300c.
Can be used with an extension tube for hinge or machinery lubrication and as a spray for release and polishing tasks.



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