Machine Lube HD

Machine Lube HD

A multi purpose gel lubricant suitable for use in areas where incidental contact with food may occur.

Machine Lube HD is a translucent non-coloured smooth grease. It is based upon severely refined mineral white oil, gelled with an inorganic thickening system, The latest technology is used to provide a high temperature lubricant that is capable of meeting the most arduous duties on both bearings and gears.
Machine Lube HD exhibits good plastics compatibility and can be used for the lubrication of many plastic components in the automotive industry.

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Areas of use
Machine Lube HD is recommended for use as a general purpose lubricant for plant and equipment, in the processing and packaging of foodstuffs where incidental food contact may occur. The grease is translucent in appearance and can be utilised in many general lubrication situations where a non-coloured product is required.

Key Features
Non toxic.
Low odour.
High temperature performance of -10°C to +150°C
Reduces friction and wear.
INS H1 Registered.
Translucent and smooth.
Unworked penetration 265-295


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