Powerfix 4000

A major advance in adhesive technology.

Powerfix 4000 is a universal adhesive which bonds to all surfaces
Many engineering adhesives in use today need to be measured out and mixed, and surfaces have to be primed, before a reasonable bond can be achieved. Add to that the difficulty of selecting the correct adhesive for each job and bonding becomes a nightmare. Powerfix 4000 helps avoid these issues with it’s unique solution.

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How does Powerfix 4000 work?
Powerfix 4000 is an ultra pure cyanoacrylate adhesive which, when used with Powerfix Activator, will bond most any materials
together, in seconds. Powerfix 4000 is such a unique product it will bond to porous and even oily surfaces. Its purity means that it will react rapidly, every time and, what’s more, the adhesive has a shelf life of two years when stored correctly.

Where can you use Powerfix 4000?
On practically all types of materials! Powerfix 4000 works as a conventional adhesive but can also be used for threadlocking and retaining. It will give a permanent bond to aluminium, brass, copper, steel, rubber, porcelain, ceramic, veneers, glass, leather, cork, timber, plastics, vinyl and fabrics.

Key Features and Benefits of Powerfix 4000
Truly universal adhesive – bonds to all surfaces
No measuring out – simple to apply
Tensile strength up to 4000 psi
Activator ensures rapid setting on all occasions
No priming – easy to use
Bonds in all situations
No mixing – no wastage
Solves threadlocking & retaining problems



Full CLP MSDS – Debonder

Full CLP MSDS – Activator


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