Sani Gel Toggle

Sani Gel Toggle

Fast-acting sanitiser containing Aloe Vera in a toggle bottle on a wire

What are Sani-Gel Toggles?
Sani-Gel Toggles are packets of powerful hand sanitisers which kill a wide spectrum of harmful bacteria and organisms before they have the chance to spread. The on-going threat harmful bacteria and germs pose is a major concern for any workplace, institution, or commercial property. It is essential to halt the spread of antibiotic resistant contaminants such as e-coli and MRSA and provide a safe, hygienic environment for all. A clip and retractable wheel attachment allows the individual toggles to be carried and deployed easily for use when they are most needed.
Sani Gel Toggles contain aloe vera, known in ancient Egypt as the plant of immortality due to it’s healing properties.

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How does Sani-Gel work?
From the moment that Sani-Gel is applied to the hands it goes to work on germs and bacteria. The alcohol-based gel formula breaks down the skin’s surface biofilm allowing the antimicrobial agent to attack and kill unwanted germs. Once sanitised, the aloe vera contained within the gel re-fats and heals damage done to the skin surface.



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