Search and Bond

Search and Bond

Search & Bond – Adhesion to timber at your fingertips

When timber breaks it is not uniform, the cracks follow the contours of the natural material, and the splits vary in width and depth as they spread. Repairs need to be carried out in-situ, without any knowledge of the full extent of the damage. Conventional wood glues, such as PVA, are thin liquids, which will not follow complex breaks, simply running out of the repair. They
also require jigging for as long as 24 hours.

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How does Search & Bond work?

Search And Bond is a highly reactive polymer liquid which reacts with moisture, in the atmosphere and the timber, to form a sticky foam that has an excellent bond to all the material it comes into contact with. It searches through the cracks, filling them with foam, which absorbs the stresses in the substrate, preventing further propagation. Search And Bond expands to fill any size or shape of repair and will give a repair that is stronger than the original timber, in less than an hour.
Key Features and Benefits of Search & Bond?
Cures with moisture – no mixing
Foams to fill voids and cracks
Bonds rapidly, regardless of dimension
Absorbs expansion and contraction, preventing further timber cracking
Strength greater than original timber
Searches out the path of breaks in timber
Excellent adhesion to many more materials

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