Stamp & Seal

Stamp & Seal

Stamp and Seal is a specialised drain plugging mat to instantly seal a drain and prevent spilt oils and chemicals flowing into storm drains and into the watercourses.

Stamp and Seal is a mat that shapes and sticks to all surfaces and is designed to seal all drains against all liquids.
Stamp and Seal is made with a waterbased gel containing a food-grade clay combining with a recycled polymeric reinforcing agent.
Stamp and Seal also contains a low toxicity freezing point depressant which also stops mould growth which makes it perfect to stop any unwanted spillage getting into the water courses.

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How does Stamp and Seal Work?

Created to be deployed quickly Stamp and Seal quickly adheres to substrates and the drain to create an air tight seal. The reinforcing agent gives Stamp and Seal the strength to hold back volume and the freezing point depressant ensures that it can be used in the most demanding circumstances. Designed to stop any liquid penetrating into the drain it gives peace of mind while effective measures are used to stop further spillage and clean up.

Key features and benefits of Stamp and Seal

Easily and quickly used.
Sticks to all surfaces
The most effective low cost drain seal on the market.
Very strong and effective against large spillages
Effective spill control and saving money in fines
Can be used in freezing conditions deployable to – 20°C
Will not support the growth of mould
65cm x 45cm will cover most drains and can be used in multiple quantities to cover larger areas.
Non-toxic to both users and to the environment.




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