Triple Blue

A deep blue coloured viscous liquid for cleaning and descaling toilets, urinals and sanitary ware that also incorporates a powerful reodouriser

Triple Blue is a highly effective sanitary ware cleaner that kills bacteria, removes grease and de-scales while protecting stainless steel, chrome and ceramics as well as many other bathroom surfaces. Triple Blue has been specially formulated to protect toilets and urinals from the build up of germs, grime, limescale and uric crystals over extended periods. Triple Blue clings to the surface so will remain in situ through many flushes. Triple Blue incorporates a powerful reodouriser that keeps bathrooms smelling fresh as well as being clean. Used regularly Triple Blue will keep drainage systems clear of scale and uric crystals.

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How does Triple Blue work?
Triple Blue is an advanced formulation of detergents and inhibited acids which kill germs and remove grease whilst protecting surfaces. Triple Blue has an advanced viscose formulation which provides long-lasting protection from germs, grease, limescale and odours. Triple Blue will last through many flushes in toilets and urinals.

Key Features and Benefits of Triple Blue
Kills germs, removes grease and reodourises.
Is effective when used to prevent the build up of limescale.
Triple Blue does not contain hydrochloric acid.
Does not blacken or damage stainless steel or chrome.
Long lasting protection – will keep on working through many flushes.
Multi-purpose, cost-effective product also removes lime scale, rust and watermarks.
Ideal for domestic, commercial and institutional premises such as hotels, care homes, schools and sports clubs.


If you have the previous formulation Triple Blue use this MSDS sheet.



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