Ultimate Glass Cleaner

Ultimate Glass Cleaner

Streak free spotless windows, glass and mirrors – Fast!

A powerful blend of specially selected biodegradable surfactants and solvents that clean quickly and efficiently to leave glass spotless. Ultimate Glass Cleaner is a perfumed liquid formulation using a naturally derived, polymeric surfactant which cleans without streaks or smears and leaves a pleasant aroma.

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What is Ultimate Glass Cleaner?
Formulated to have a low VOC content with a blend of highly specialised and selected biodegradable surfactants and water miscible solvents, it cleans quickly and efficiently.
The specialised 300ml airosol bottle delivers a fine mist of cleaner onto glass surfaces, which helps break down any stubborn residues quickly and does not overload the surface with wasted cleaner which can be difficult to wipe off.
Whilst Ultimate Glass Cleaner cleans the glass easily, the perfumed fragrance of Sea Grass and Lotus Flower with hints of African Violet and Oriental Geranium leaves the area smelling as fresh as it looks.
The fine mist quickly evaporates, any overspray of the cleaner onto unwanted areas can be left to quickly disappear. It can be used to clean glass, mirrors, marble, stainless steel and other hard surfaces, whilst also being safe to use on plastics.
Ultimate Glass Cleaner is stable to use at all temperatures and conditions and has a neutral PH.



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